Teaching Reflections

Reflective Teaching 30-day challenge: What’s in your desk drawer?

Day 8: What’s in your desk drawer, and what can you infer from those contents?

My desk drawer
My desk drawer

This messy drawer is full of gratitude.

Spanish fans: one from my dear friend Brittany’s beautiful Spanish-American wedding last July, another a vendor gave to me free at El Rastro in Madrid one hot Sunday morning after I waited patiently for over 30 minutes as my friends Shelly and Valarie deliberated painstakingly over which fans they would purchase. Happy memories 🙂

Flash drives, post its, pens, tape and a ruler: supplies from the goodie-bag the district gave me at new teacher orientation, or given to me by my ever-generous department head or our thrift-shopping German teacher. Thankful for my job, thankful for my district, thankful for my wonderful colleagues.

Stamps and ink: Thankful for Kara and Megan at the Creative Language Class! Your blog and explanations and examples of proficiency-based teaching have been a HUGE influence and help to me in my growth as a teacher.

Spanish stickers: This one is also thanks to post from Megan at the CLC! At the time that blog post was published, I lived in a town with no Target (yes, they exist!). Upon reading the post, I immediately called my mom (who lives in civilization), and asked if she would swing by Target for me when she had a chance. Then I decided that I just couldn’t wait to get Spanish stickers, so I called the nearest Target, and spoke to about three different customer service reps before someone went to the dollar section and verified that there were, in fact, Spanish stickers available for purchase. It was 45 minutes to closing, so I grabbed a friend, jumped in the car, drove 30 minutes, and bought the stickers! I received 3 or 4 packs from my sweet mother in the mail that week, and another couple packs in my stocking that Christmas. Two years later, my students are still getting those stickers 🙂


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