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30 Day Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge Day 11: What’s your favorite time of day?

This post is part of TeachThought’s 30 Day Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge.

Day 11: What is your favorite part of the school day and why?

I think guidance stacked my sixth period with all good kids. Seriously, there’s not a bad apple in the bunch. I teach same content in all my classes, but for whatever reason, sixth period is always the most fun! I think there’s a golden combination of personalities: a couple of really bright kids who notice every grammar nuance, who ask me smart questions, who go above and beyond in all their work and in every TL interaction. The quiet and diligent kids – always on task, won’t say much, but one-on-one their Spanish blows me away. The respectful class clowns – they make storytelling hilariously entertaining, but pipe down and do their work when it’s time.  No matter the lesson, it goes over the best in sixth period. Boring old reading and writing? They’re on it. TPRS? You better believe their stories are the funniest! Games day? They’re playing bingo like it’s Tuesday night at the senior center. Stations day? I quote: “Let’s do the hard ones first and save the fun ones for tomorrow!”  If I have to pick my favorite part of the day, it’s the time I get to spend teaching and interacting with this group of students.  The magic happens sixth period!


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