Teaching Reflections

Attitude of Gratitude: The best gift I’ve ever received

My first year teaching, two of my Spanish 1 students would come by my room after school and chat with me. Kaitlyn and Joseph were a bright spot in my day in the midst of a horrible first year teaching. At the end of the year, Kaitlyn gave me this book:

expreso polar

And she wrote a note inside the cover:

letter from kaitlyn

Miss Brown,

I wanted to give you a gift to celebrate the end of the year. My grandmother got me this book when I was really young. She could barely see and didn’t realize it wasn’t in English until it was too late.  Anyway, I thought you could get more use out of it than I can. Thanks for a wonderful 1st year of Spanish. I had a great time! Looking forward to next year.

One of your most annoying students,



P.S. Joseph asked me to say it is from him too.

2014-11-05 07.30.58


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