Survey Students with Poll Everywhere

Have you used Poll Everywhere? Here’s a survey I did today:

Screenshot 2014-11-05 13.15.17


What I learned:

1. “Vote more than once” is not a good idea. I was thinking that they could respond 2 or 3 times to indicate they want more practice with multiple topics, but there’s a limit of 40 responses.  If the first 20 students vote twice, the last 12 don’t get to vote. Also, at least one student misunderstood the directions and voted for “Describing my classes” 18 times to skew the vote.  *Shaking my head*

2. Seventh period I stood outside class with my laptop and had students vote as they came in. That went much more smoothly than having them all do it on their phones (no signal, didn’t read directions, didn’t understand directions, etc.).

3. As for the results? Inconclusive. About a third said they were ready for a test, while the rest are divided about which topic they need more help or practice with (or INPUT).

Do you survey students? What do you use? And how do you use the data?



About Andrea

I am a teacher, dancer, and Spanish-speaker. This is my place to organize & share my thoughts on teaching, foreign language & language learning.
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