Class decor: Clock Redesign

A few weeks ago my classroom clock stopped, so I brought in this one from home:


2015-03-03 15.19.50

Found when I moved into my apartment. Not my style.

It’s a fine clock, but it has a definite kitchen vibe.  I realized that since the front is open, without any glass over the hands, it wouldn’t be too difficult to slip some paper under the hands and glue down a whole new number design. Here’s the result:

2015-03-04 07.39.13


It’s not quite the Pinterest-worthy dream I had (have you seen this beautiful thing??), but I like it!  Much better than the rooster 🙂



About Andrea

I am a teacher, dancer, and Spanish-speaker. This is my place to organize & share my thoughts on teaching, foreign language & language learning.
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2 Responses to Class decor: Clock Redesign

  1. I agree, far better than the rooster. And you can also redecorate as you choose! You should try using silver Sharpee on that blue, it would look really cool and you can make a simple swirly pattern. Silver Sharpee looks so awesome on a bold color.
    xoxo, Sam

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