Class Decor


1. New classroom – I moved down the hall to a room with a better layout. I worked hard all last week getting it ready for school on Monday! It’s not *quite* finished (is it ever?) but I’m quite pleased with how it’s looking:

2015-07-31 16.26.59
Desks in pairs – 3 double rows and one single row against the walls. My biggest class is 32.
2015-07-31 16.26.51
Hot glue clothespins to the wall to hold posters. It’s super easy to put up new posters, switch them out, and take them down. I also love how I can just adjust them if I don’t get them straight the first time!
2015-07-31 16.26.36
I found a pack of 44 clothes pins at dollar general for $1. They are stuck HARD as soon as they touch the wall, so make sure to get them where you want them! I put up one badly but was able to pry it off after blasting it with a blow-dryer for a few seconds. I think I’m going to use this wall for anchor charts, and the pins will make it so easy to switch them out!
2015-07-31 16.26.48
Last May we re-located our supply closet from Timbuktu to the foreign language hall and found all sorts of treasures. Found this calendar in a giant stack of posters – love the color and it looks so much nicer than the five-year-old homemade one I was using!
2015-07-31 16.26.28
Weather decals on my window make my new classroom feel like home! These are just die-cut letters and shapes taped to the glass.
2015-07-31 16.26.20
Gotta have my maps!
2015-07-31 16.26.12
This is how I left my desk Friday afternoon. Wonder if it will still be this neat next Friday?? Ha!
2015-07-31 16.25.57
Found this cute whiteboard in the supply closet as well. I covered the bulletin board side with wrapping paper and then added border. I plan to use this table for student supplies, so the board will be great for writing instructions! I think this will also make a great spot for a station.
2015-07-31 16.25.50
Last year I was able to purchase books for a classroom library with a grant. Planning on implementing free reading time this year with Spanish 2!
2015-07-31 16.25.38
Reading quotes next to my bookcase. Bryce Hedstrom shared these posters.
2015-07-31 16.25.09
Front of the room. My old room had the white board and projector on different walls, limiting the amount of usable wall space and the area available for student desks. This set up works much better with the amount of student desks I need!

2. New schedule: My school has changed to a block schedule this year – four 80 minute blocks and a 30 minute enrichment/remediation/advisement block. I have never taught on the block before but I am looking forward to learning how! I have one section of Spanish 1 and two sections of Spanish 2 each semester.

3. Interactive notebooks, FVR, name cards….I have lots of new-to-me instructional ideas I am excited about implementing! One change I am most looking forward to experimenting with is interactive notebooks (here’s my pinterest board). My department’s curriculum requires a LOT of grammar and vocabulary, and I think ISNs will be a good way to organize notes and support all that memorization. I am also looking forward to implementing some Free Voluntary Reading time in Spanish 2, and possibly in Spanish 1 as well. And lastly, I’m going to give Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell’s name card rotating seat assignment idea a try. One of the things I love most about teaching is how every day, week, month, and year is new, and an opportunity to perfect, refine, and experiment with methods, and I’m excited about trying out these new ideas!

4. Grad school. Eeek! I’m going back to school this year! I begin coursework for my master’s degree through Auburn University in two weeks! I’m excited about the learning and nervous about the extra work and cost, but mostly excited. The program is an MA in Spanish Education, and looks really sound on research and methodologies I’m passionate about (hint – NOT teaching tons of grammar and vocab for memorization) – there is a CI demo scheduled for our first seminar! Anyway, if you can’t tell by the number of exclamation points in this paragraph…I’m super excited about taking on the student role again.


2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes”

  1. Love the clothespins (or we call them pegs)! Great idea! Check out the “dyslexie” font for charts and materials – I’ve had a really good response from students and they find it easier to read from a distance.

    Looking forward to seeing how the new room goes 🙂

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