Grad School

What I’m Learning in Grad School

From my homework reading tonight:

“In immersion and other programs in which the emphasis is on acquisition through language use rather than on the conscious learning of rules of usage, the predictive power of aptitude measures is even less than in traditional classroom programs (Krashen 1981). Learner attitude, in contrast, takes on increased significance. In natural L2 environments it is learner attitude rather than aptitude that is related to both the amount and the nature of L2 interaction…when measured in terms of communicative language use both inside and outside the classroom, attitude is probably the single most important predictor of learner achievement.”

I think I’d like to post a version of this somewhere in my classroom – your aptitude doesn’t matter – success in language learning is far more dependent on your attitude.


Savignon, S. (1997) Testing. In J. Lee & B. Vanpatten (Eds.) Communicative competence: Theory and classroom practice. (pp. 209-246). New York: McGraw-Hill.


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