Class Activities

Sustained Silent Reading in Spanish Class

I did SSR today!

2015-08-24 16.19.30
My books! Many I purchased with a grant last year, some came from my personal collection, and there’s a pile at the bottom of the cart that came from the public library (I picked these up primarily for my 3 native speakers). Additionally, my school’s media specialist has another 10 or 20 waiting for me in the media center 🙂
2015-08-25 12.57.28
The pink “Novela” labels are there to help students put the books away neatly because I knew I would lose my mind if they ended up in a messy pile after SSR. I designated two students at the bookshelf and two at the cart to facilitate replacing the books post SSR and they did a very good job! #mindnotlost
2015-08-25 10.23.59
It’s important to me to have most of my books visible so students can browse and choose. I also wanted to have books available in several spots to facilitate traffic flow. I set these out right before class began and was able to pick them up quickly after SSR so they weren’t in the way during class.


I embedded a timer video from youtube on google slides so students could see both the timer and the instructions. Five minutes seemed like the right amount of time to start with – only one or two students needed re-directing. I’ll increase the time slowly over the course of the semester.

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