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Manía Musical: Fall Edition

Last March Bethanie Drew shared that she was doing a March Madness music bracket. My students really enjoyed the bracket we did last year, and some of my Spanish 2 kids requested we do it again. Since we are on a block schedule now and I won’t have the same students in the spring, I’m doing a bracket now (really, I can’t deny them when they ask me for more music! no way :)).

I started by asking my students to nominate their favorite songs. Last year I chose the line up, and most of the songs in the bracket were new to my students, but I wanted to give them some input and ownership in the process this year, especially since I’ve been more consistent in playing music throughout the semester. Here’s the nomination list:

mania musical nominations

I vetoed Hips don’t lie (not in Spanish) Soy guapo, and Barbara MacAurthur’s Alphabet song (not songs native speakers actually listen to!). Perhaps I should have vetoed Gasolina based on content, but it’s my fault that they know it…I played them a clip…on the day we listened to Daddy Yankee’s Llamado de emergencia, which fit perfectly with my doctor unit and IS school appropriate, and I just wanted to illustrate how famous he is by playing a bit of a song I was 90% sure they would have heard…welp, they loved it. Fingers crossed they love El perdón more! Llorar lloviendo I had never heard before, but one of my native speakers wrote it in and I loved it! The other oddball in the mix is Caramelo – I heard it in my Zumba class and loved it, and used it as the song of the week in Spanish 2 back in August. I didn’t think they liked it that much, but it showed up on the nominations, so I put it in. Here’s the final line up:



mania musical

And the close up:



mania musical detailOne of my Spanish 2 students commented that it’s going to be a tougher decision than last year – we’ve got so many great songs on the list! And one of my sweet Spanish 1 freshwomen had to abstain from voting on Friday- she couldn’t bear to betray either Aldrey or Ricky by voting against them. #makethemloveit #whentheyloveitwe’vealreadywon #lovemusic #maniamusical


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