Music in Spanish Class

¿Con quién se queda el perro?

In celebration of teacher appreciation week, I treated myself to a shopping spree on TPT today. Among my purchases was this song bundle from Kristy Placido. In the bundle, I came across activities for Jesse and Joy’s ¿Con quién se queda el perro? As soon as I read the lyrics I knew I wanted to use this song, today! It could fit in the curriculum so many different ways – with the family unit? with Brandon Brown Quiere Un Perro? When you teach ir, poder, querer?  (I happen to teaching Realidades Chapter 4a which includes a focus on the verb ir, as well as question words including ¿Con quién? so this song was so perfect!) In the bundle, Kristy included a story based on the events in the song/video. I decided to start with the story, as it was a good opportunity to provide input and support for understanding the lyrics. I made a slideshow with screen shots from the video to comprehensify the story. (I also made a Quizlet set with some key words from the song, but didn’t end up using it today. Maybe tomorrow?)

I followed the basic story frame from Kristy’s activities (go buy it! it’s worth it!), but simplified a bit to make it comprehensible to my students. After the story, I gave students a handout with a summary of the story. On the board, I projected a number of small pictures (mostly video screenshots) with a letter next to each one, and students matched each picture to one of the sentences. After that, we finally listened to the song and watched the whole video* (they had figured out it was a video after seeing the red youtube bar on the bottom of one of the pictures), and completed the cloze exercise from Kristy’s bundle. Students were interested and engaged throughout the lesson, and really seemed to enjoy both the story and the song. Gracias, Kristy!

*Note: There are about 3 seconds of suggestive scenes in the video which may not be appropriate for your students or school culture. 


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