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New Year’s Resolution: Type my Lesson Plans

When I was 22, I wrote a ten year plan that looked something like, Year 1: Write awesome lesson plans Year 2: Edit/improve awesome lesson plans from year 1 Year 3: Sell all the awesome lesson plans on TPT Seven … Continue reading

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Interactive Student Notebooks Set Up

The first time I tried doing interactive student notebooks, I wasn’t very successful. We used them a lot at the beginning of the semester, and then kind of petered out. The second time around, I went down the hall to … Continue reading

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TBR: Professional Reading

Down here in Georgia we got an inch of snow Friday night, so of course it’s Tuesday and I have a report-by-ten-o’clock-work-day. This quiet time in my classroom feels like a gift, so I’ve used some of it to do … Continue reading

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