Tech Tip: ClassroomScreen.com

My school’s technology specialist recently introduced me to a neat little tool: ClassroomScreen.com. It is designed to be projected on your whiteboard and offers a number of useful widgets: a timer, a clock, a random name picker, a QR code generator, as well as  a text box for posting announcements or instructions. Check out my video demo below:

Pardon the quality – I’m learning!


5 thoughts on “Tech Tip: ClassroomScreen.com”

  1. I can’t wait to try this! I was just saying to myself I wish I could remember to use a timer during class, but the only way In know how is to use the online timer website.

  2. I’ve just emailed Laurens with this question! I’ll let you know the answer when it arrives in case anyone else is also interested in adding a language.

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