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Try something new: La persona especial

Every time I try a new CI technique, I get very nervous. Will it bomb? Will I forget what to say? Will the kids participate? What if they refuse? What if it falls flat? So with a bit of fear, … Continue reading

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What I’m Learning in Grad School: Is this really communicative?

My grad school  reading this week is a chapter from the book Making Communcatice Language Teaching Happen (Lee & VanPatten, 2003). I’ve read about 15 pages of it and can already tell I’m really going to enjoy it – I was … Continue reading

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First Week of School: I love everything!

I love my new classroom. I love block schedule! I love these lesson plans. I love this penguin one of my advisement students drew for me: Also, I love those speech bubbles. Spent waaaaay too much time getting them, the … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned in 5 Years of Teaching

1. My patience has grown tremendously, as have my classroom management skills. I have realized that behavior is not usually a personal attack. “Hurt people hurt people,” and acting out in class is frequently a reflection of problems going on in students’ … Continue reading

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Music in the Classroom: What I’ve learned this year

1. Variety is the spice of life: music doesn’t have to be a lyrics cloze, nor does it have to illustrate this week’s grammar focus.  There are lots of reasons to listen to Spanish music in class and lots of … Continue reading

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Lesson Wrap Up: Vocab Sort

Recently, students completed surveys about me as part of my state evaluations. One of the questions was, “My teacher takes time to summarize what we’ve learned at the end of class.”  I realized that too often, I let class just … Continue reading

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Writing for Vocab Review

My students had a quiz today, so yesterday I needed an activity to review vocabulary. I thought about using Colleen’s Pictionary idea, but my students frequently disengage during games, particularly in my sleepy first period and wild seventh period. I … Continue reading

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