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Teaching Commands – #SnapThoughts Reflection

In this post: a quick video reflection on two activities I used for teaching commands, plus resources for those activities. Over at PBL in the TL, Laura shared a post about using snapchat for quick lesson reflections, and then Maris … Continue reading

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Lernen Deutsch: My German Journey

Hallo, mein Name ist Andi. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. Wie heisen Sie? Guten Tag! I have been studying German a few months now, and since I find accounts of other language teacher’s language learning journeys fascinating (such as Martina … Continue reading

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Dear November Teacher

Dear November Teacher, It is August, the second week of school. Do you remember how the second week of school feels? I love my job. I don’t love the getting up early, but I don’t mind it so much either, because I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on becoming Señora Brown

The theme of this semester has been “I’m getting married!” And in the stress of working full time, pursuing my master’s degree, and this poisonous post-truth political atmosphere, I have been walking through the halls smiling every day, because I … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution: Type my Lesson Plans

When I was 22, I wrote a ten year plan that looked something like, Year 1: Write awesome lesson plans Year 2: Edit/improve awesome lesson plans from year 1 Year 3: Sell all the awesome lesson plans on TPT Seven … Continue reading

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Teaching the Novel Tumba

I am wrapping up a three-week unit on the novel Tumba by Mira Canion and wanted to share some of the activities we’ve done. If you are interested, here are my unit plans. Pre-Readng Activities: Before beginning the book: We discussed products, … Continue reading

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Sometimes things are hard

I am having a week where everything feels hard (and it’s only Tuesday). Deciding what activities to do, planning enough for our 90-minute block schedule, and just sitting down to tackle the pile of grading has gotten really hard. And … Continue reading

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