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Thoughts on becoming Señora Brown

The theme of this semester has been “I’m getting married!” And in the stress of working full time, pursuing my master’s degree, and this poisonous post-truth political atmosphere, I have been walking through the halls smiling every day, because I … Continue reading

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What I learned at FLAG

I  had the privilege of attending and presenting at my state’s world language teacher conference this past weekend. I had a great time re-connecting with old amigos and learning from some home-grown teaching stars, and left feeling refreshed and energized. … Continue reading

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Come see me at FLAG!

EDIT: HERE ARE THE SLIDES!   I am excited to announce that I will be presenting at FLAG this Saturday at 10:30 AM! My goal for the presentation is to share some ideas for activities that are highly engaging, can be … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution: Type my Lesson Plans

When I was 22, I wrote a ten year plan that looked something like, Year 1: Write awesome lesson plans Year 2: Edit/improve awesome lesson plans from year 1 Year 3: Sell all the awesome lesson plans on TPT Seven … Continue reading

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Interactive Student Notebooks Set Up

The first time I tried doing interactive student notebooks, I wasn’t very successful. We used them a lot at the beginning of the semester, and then kind of petered out. The second time around, I went down the hall to … Continue reading

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TBR: Professional Reading

Down here in Georgia we got an inch of snow Friday night, so of course it’s Tuesday and I have a report-by-ten-o’clock-work-day. This quiet time in my classroom feels like a gift, so I’ve used some of it to do … Continue reading

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Teaching the Novel Tumba

I am wrapping up a three-week unit on the novel Tumba by Mira Canion and wanted to share some of the activities we’ve done. If you are interested, here are my unit plans. Pre-Readng Activities: Before beginning the book: We discussed products, … Continue reading

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