Class Decor

Class decor: Clock Redesign

A few weeks ago my classroom clock stopped, so I brought in this one from home:


2015-03-03 15.19.50
Found when I moved into my apartment. Not my style.

It’s a fine clock, but it has a definite kitchen vibe.  I realized that since the front is open, without any glass over the hands, it wouldn’t be too difficult to slip some paper under the hands and glue down a whole new number design. Here’s the result:

2015-03-04 07.39.13


It’s not quite the Pinterest-worthy dream I had (have you seen this beautiful thing??), but I like it!  Much better than the rooster 🙂


Classroom Management & Organization

Keeping organized: Put it in the box!

Just a quick post to share a cheap & cute organizing trick of mine:

The Box

2014-08-21 14.30.53

Last year I had a couple of stackable trays for students to turn their work in to. This year, I didn’t have enough trays, so I grabbed some file folder boxes (lids too!), covered the edges with colored duck tape, and labeled them with the class period. Voilà! I have a designated spot for students to turn their work into, the papers stay off my desk, the boxes are pretty to look at, and the only money I spent was on the tape. Success!