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Exam Review Choice Boards for Spanish 1 and 2

Spanish 1 Tic Tac Toe Review board – click the image for a copiable google doc #snapthoughts – Spanish 1 Choice Board Reflection   Spanish 2 Review Board – Pick one from each column #snapthoughts – Spanish 2 Choice Board … Continue reading

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Sometimes things are hard

I am having a week where everything feels hard (and it’s only Tuesday). Deciding what activities to do, planning enough for our 90-minute block schedule, and just sitting down to tackle the pile of grading has gotten really hard. And … Continue reading

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Pushing Proficiency to Novice-High: Reworking the Stamp Sheet

Last night’s #langchat was about moving students from Novice-mid to Novice-high proficiency.   This topic was of particular interest to me because although I’ve read extensively about the proficiency levels, I haven’t had any formal training and it’s difficult for … Continue reading

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Today my lesson was dreadful + Reflecting on my strengths? #reflectiveteacher Day 15

So I thought my lesson today was going to be awesome, until I taught it and it wasn’t.  Perhaps the anticipation made the subsequent failing all the worse? Pride goeth before a fall, and whatnot… Anywhere, my goal was “I … Continue reading

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