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Lesson Wrap Up: Vocab Sort

Recently, students completed surveys about me as part of my state evaluations. One of the questions was, “My teacher takes time to summarize what we’ve learned at the end of class.”  I realized that too often, I let class just … Continue reading

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Five things I love about Quizlet

One of my favorite tech tools is Quizlet.com, an online flashcard creator. A couple of features I love: 1. Searching for other sets. Instead of creating a new set of words, I often run a topical search and find a … Continue reading

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Writing for Vocab Review

My students had a quiz today, so yesterday I needed an activity to review vocabulary. I thought about using Colleen’s Pictionary idea, but my students frequently disengage during games, particularly in my sleepy first period and wild seventh period. I … Continue reading

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CI: Making Class Discussion Comprehensible

Teaching in the target language can be a hard change when you come from a traditional grammar/vocabulary background. Examples of how to speak and teach comprehensibly (CI) have been really helpful for me in shifting my teaching, so today I … Continue reading

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Today my lesson was dreadful + Reflecting on my strengths? #reflectiveteacher Day 15

So I thought my lesson today was going to be awesome, until I taught it and it wasn’t.  Perhaps the anticipation made the subsequent failing all the worse? Pride goeth before a fall, and whatnot… Anywhere, my goal was “I … Continue reading

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