Spanish 2

Quick Tip: Throwback Thursday

I have been encouraging/tracking participation this semester with tickets – answer a question in Spanish, you get a ticket. At the end of each class I take up and tally tickets, and assign a grade for participation every week or two. One of my Spanish 2 students complained yesterday that I wasn’t offering enough opportunities to earn tickets. So, here is the warm up I gave today:

Screenshot 2016-02-11 13.55.15

I took several answer for the first few questions, and then for 5, 6, 7, and 10, I called on students as long as they could come up with unique responses. I like to use warm ups as discussion starters, but I’m finding it difficult to find ways to personalize and discuss the vocab for the current unit in Spanish 2 (Realidades 2b – shopping). This warm up was a nice break from the boring textbook vocabulary, and worked great as a review, as well as offering lots of opportunities for students to answer questions and earn their tickets.

Class Activities, Sp 1: Weather

Routine: Weather Warm Up Sheet

Here’s a routine I’ve been using to work with weather, feelings, and dates/days of the week words.  I gave each student a sheet like this, and each day we fill out a box:

weather warm up

My primary goal is to get continual reinforcement of weather and feelings words, and encourage a variety of responses to ¿Cómo estás?  I left a blank so they can personalize their responses, but included the choices to get them to keep reading over them to choose the appropriate responses for each.  It has also worked as a good review of days of the week. It’s a quick routine at the beginning of class, I’m speaking comprehensible language, and my students are giving me a variety of personalized responses.

If you want a copy, here are the Dropbox links, gender-specific so my girls will stop saying Estoy cansado!

Weather warm up -female version

Weather warm up- male version