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Taking Speaking Practice Outside

In my classroom, I have an outside door: Every once in awhile, when it’s a pretty day, I like to go outside for a short activity. I find that partner speaking activities work well outside. Today it was 65 degrees … Continue reading

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Writing for Vocab Review

My students had a quiz today, so yesterday I needed an activity to review vocabulary. I thought about using Colleen’s Pictionary idea, but my students frequently disengage during games, particularly in my sleepy first period and wild seventh period. I … Continue reading

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Authentic Audio: Me gusta/No me gusta

Here are some links to Audio Lingua recordings of native Spanish speakers talking about their likes and dislikes: 1. Alejandra: http://www.audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?article3525 2. Edinson: http://www.audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?article2108 3. Paola: http://www.audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?article2481 4. María: http://www.audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?article576 I had students set up a graphic organizer on their paper: I played them … Continue reading

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Four Corners: Take vocabulary practice out of the classroom!

Last March, I went to an excellent presentation at FLAG by Lee Burson and Erin Smith called “Halls, Walls, and Using it All.” The presentation was all about creative ways to utilize your available space, getting students up and moving … Continue reading

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