Five things I love about Quizlet


One of my favorite tech tools is Quizlet.com, an online flashcard creator. A couple of features I love:

1. Searching for other sets. Instead of creating a new set of words, I often run a topical search and find a set with most of the words I want – for example, Spanish Clothes, or, even better, Realidades 3a. I usually find several sets that are close to what I want, so I can quickly copy one, edit it to fit my needs, and it’s ready to go. You can also check a box to search for sets with images, and boom! You’ve got picture flashcards, ready to go!

2. Adding sets to my class makes it easy to communicate expectations with students and parents. Even with a free account, I can set up a class for my students where they can find all of their vocabulary. Each unit, I add the new vocabulary set to my class. Students know where to find it to study at home, and it provides a link for me to send to parents, either as a resource for struggling students, or as a quick make up work assignment.

3. Printing flashcards and vocab lists is super easy! I print the lists all the time for students who have missed class, and often print flashcards for different class activities. Also, since it’s so easy to find sets of common vocabulary with pictures, I often use quizlet to print the vocabulary images, either to use as flashcards, or to cut up and re-purpose for another activity.

4. It talks to you. I love this as an option for students to review at home and hear the pronunciation. I also will run through the flashcards as a quick review at the beginning or end of class, and it’s nice to have the quizlet voice as a change after hearing me all period.

5. Games & Quizzes I don’t know why matching games are so fun, but every time we do stations, I have students ask to do quizlet so they can play scatter! I also use the quiz feature from time to time – although I generally like my assessments to go beyond English to Spanish definitions, it’s nice to be able to quickly generate a quiz as a review, make up work, or extra practice assignment.

How do you use Quizlet?


3 thoughts on “Five things I love about Quizlet”

  1. I keep a running vocab list on Quizlet so that my students can study the required target structures at home (the old-fashioned, non-CI way). This is also great when a student joins my class late–I can tell them to go memorize the vocab list from Quizlet. Not ideal, but it’s very hard to catch up students that come in late!

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