How to Annotate a PDF

I have been back to school for about two weeks now, teaching students live in the classroom and online concurrently. This unique setting is certainly stretching my skills this year, and pushing me to learn new technology skills (and this from an avowed technophile!). I recently showed students how to annotate a PDF using the Chrome extension Kami, which led to a student showing me an even easier way to annotate within Adobe Acrobat. So, when you just can’t find the editable Word file for that handout in your unit 1 binder, or when you want to use an awesome workbook page, scan it in, and let your distance learners fill it out digitally.


Method 1: Annotating a PDF with Kami

Skip to 0:30 for the good stuff. You can also use the shape and underline tools, which will probably turn out neater than freehanding.

Method 2: Annotating a PDF with Adobe Acrobat

3 thoughts on “How to Annotate a PDF”

    1. Hi Monique! Thanks for letting me know – I haven’t blogged in so long, I’m out of practice! I’ve uploaded the post with Youtube links – it should work now!

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