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Try something new: La persona especial

buttonEvery time I try a new CI technique, I get very nervous. Will it bomb? Will I forget what to say? Will the kids participate? What if they refuse? What if it falls flat? So with a bit of fear, trembling, and a pair of sweaty palms, today I tried my first Persona Especial interview in Spanish 2 (we’re on a block schedule so this was the third day of class). The verdict? Success!!!!! I used this slideshow and student form shared by Kara Jacobs. Students filled out the form on the first day of class, and my estrella used his during the interview. I projected the slideshow so I wouldn’t forget the questions, and the pictures helped with comprehension. I picked a kid I was 90% sure would be successful to go first, and one I thought the class would perceive positively. I also got his permission before I called him up, and slipped him a reward coupon at the end (in retrospect, that might not have been necessary). We got lots of reps for question words, learned some interesting personalized vocabulary, and we all got to know our estrella a bit better. I reviewed the details with the class throughout the interview, and made a slideshow about him for review tomorrow. After I interview a few more students, I’ll put together a quiz based on what we learned!


3 thoughts on “Try something new: La persona especial”

  1. I totally know what you mean about being nervous when trying something new! Your worries are the same as mine, but I have also had good results with new things lately. Yay for us for going outside of our comfort zone, and hooray for good results!

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